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Hello and welcome to the second Artist Spotlight feature of the week. We told you earlier this month that we were focusing on developing our newer columns and that is exactly what we aim to accomplish with this feature. The first few spotlights focused entirely on the world of metal, but in this piece we talk about punk and electronic music, as well as the pros and cons of being a signed artist. If you have any questions about the content in this article, or if you have an artist you would like to see featured on this blog, please contact james@haulix.com and share your thoughts.

Relationships are everything in the music business, and that is one point I cannot stress enough. Trends change, business models change, but the relationships you forge with others in the music business have the power to last and last. When the business side of things turns its back on you and you find yourself both broke and unemployed it will be the people you’ve met through your efforts that help you pick yourself up and piece your life back together. They will send you messages of support when your health fails or when you’re dealing with typical day-to-day drama that life tends to bring. It’s a rarely discussed, but deeply appreciated aspect of working in a tight knit global community that can (and likely will) change your life.

I cannot recall the first time I crossed paths with William Francis, the musician behind William Control, but it was not too long after he and his bandmates in Aiden signed with Victory Records during the mid-2000s. Our relationship was purely fan and artist at first, but over the years I began to more passionately pursue my interest in music and the dynamics of our relationship began to change. Instead of simply being fan and artist, we were also blogger and artist, or web video personality and artist.

It’s important to know that I was not the only one changing during this time. Aiden released a handful of albums, each featuring a distinct change in sound and direction, but ultimately went on hiatus so that the various members could pursue other projects. For William, that meant starting William Control, a synth-fueled electronic offering that dabbled in bondage and victorian literature. It was another clear departure from everything he had done before, but it also felt like the most honest expression of who Will was as a person, and many fans who loved his punk efforts continued to follow him.

By the time William Control was off Victory and thriving as an independent act I found myself out of college and working full time in the music industry. Seeing Will on the road was still exciting, but somewhere over the better part of the last decade our relationship dynamic changed once again to be friend and friend. We would still do interviews and we would still talk shop, but we would also catch up on life and wish the other well whenever they’re going through hard times.

When I started at Haulix I knew one day I would have the opportunity to share Will’s journey through the business with our readers, and I am beyond excited that day has finally arrived. He’s a friend and an artist I continue to admire to this day, but more importantly he is one of the smarted people I have met in my entire life. His unique perspective on existence and the way this business works is the type of thing that could fill volumes, but for now the few thousand words below will have to suffice.

H: Hey there. Before we dive in, please take a moment to introduce yourself:

W: Well hello to you sir, my name is William Control. I sing, write and travel the world.

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Hello again. Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to spend with us. We have been planning a very special reveal for the end of the week, but before we get there we have the pleasure of hosting an editorial from Antique Records about their experience putting out their very first vinyl release. If you have any questions about developing as a business owner in music, please do not hesitate email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

For the last two years I have had the great fortune of running a tiny indie record label with my best friend. We started our label, known as Antique, on a whim. It dawned on us one day that we shared a mutual bucket list goal of owning a label and that life had put both of us in a position to create that very thing. It was exciting and thrilling, but also pretty low risk as far as money was concerned. You see, until very recently we were known solely for creating limited edition cassette pressings of popular indie albums. Yes, people still buy cassettes.

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Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining us for the very first Artist Spotlight column of July. We received such a positive reaction to our piece with Tombs’ Mike Hill last month that we decided to make this series a regular part of our content programming. This edition still dwells in the world of metal, albeit a completely separate subgenre, but in the weeks and months to come we will highlight voices from around the music industry. If you have any questions regarding the content of this blog, or if you would like to learn more information about the services offered by Haulix, please email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.


Every now and then a band comes along that defies all logic. They may have a silly name or wear ridiculous outfits, but when you cut out all the marketing trickery they still produce great music that more people need to know exists. The problem, which many of these artists encounter again and again throughout their career, is reaching a point of popularity where people can see past the jokes and appreciate what’s really taking place inside each song.

Enter Cannabis Corpse. After forming in 2006 as a pun-laden tribute to the metal gods known as Cannibal Corpse, the group quickly began developing a following that allowed them to have an identity all their own in the world of death metal. Eight years and a handful of releases later, the band is still going strong and still releasing pun-filled material that is far more satisfying than their jokey titled may lead you to believe. Their new album, From Wisdom To Baked, offer some of their best material to date and one of the best album covers you will see all year. You can view that artwork below:


Pretty great, right? These guys know how to nail a parody, but they also create killer music that would sound just as great regardless of the art or track names, which is why I knew after hearing From Wisdom To Baked that the time had come to feature them on our blog.

The interview below took place earlier this week between myself and vocalist/bassist Landphil. You may know LandPhil from his work in Municipal Waste and Iron Regan, but for the purposes of these feature we stuck mainly to Cannabis Corpse and the band’s journey from a group of friends playing in an apartment to a critically acclaimed death metal band that understands how to inject humor into their work.

For more information on Cannabis Corpse, be sure to visit their official Facebook page. You should also pick up From Wisdom To Baked, which is available right now. Regardless of your stance on marijuana, I think it’s safe to say everyone could use a little more metal in their lives.

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Hello and welcome to the dawn of another work week here on the official blog of Haulix. You will soon learn that today is a day unlike any other, and we are happy to have you with us. We normally run blogs about life in the industry, but this afternoon we are trying something new. If you have any questions about developing as a writer/blogger in music, please do not hesitate email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

If you are a frequent reader of the Haulix blog or social networks then you have no doubt noticed our constant promotion of a new blog offering over the last few weeks. It is with great excitement and the typical trepidations of debuting something new that we are sharing with you the first episode of Inside Music, a podcast about life in the modern music industry.

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A lot has been written about the supposed dire state of the music industry, but truth be told there are a number of successful and growing companies, including record labels, that are thriving in 2014. In this column we bring together every job opening we can find from the companies responsible for building the future of the  business and present them to you, our reader, in hopes of aiding you on your journey to join the global music industry professional family.

Each Sunday we scour the internet for the latest and greatest job postings throughout the music industry. You can help us better serve our community by sending any job openings you find or have to james@haulix.com. Be sure to include the name of the company hiring, a detailed description of the position being offered, a desired start date, contact information, and any additional supplemental information you feel may be needed.

Job Openings:

Booking Manager (Hollywood Sound Studio)

Job summary: Hollywood Sound Studios / The Mantra is looking for an experienced Assistant to the in-house Booking Agent. You will assist in booking bands 3-4 nights per week in our Studio A Performance space. Must have a strong grasp of the local music scene. Industry contacts are a must.

Copyright Data Entry Analyst (Music Reports Inc)

Job summary: Heavy Data Entry. Manual review and matching of song and release details using on-line research of song and release information. Manual entry and update of administration data within custom software database.

Assistant Director of Operations (Waldwick School Of Rock)

Job summary: The Waldwick School of Rock is searching for a dynamic employee who will assist our Director of Music and Operations to maintain the day-to-day tasks of a very busy music school! Our performance-driven programs are available to students of all ages, and we are looking for an outgoing, friendly, extremely organized person to maintain the front-end of the school. This is a full-time position: 40 hours/week + occasional event work.We operate Monday-Friday from 1:00 PM-9:00 PM and Saturdays from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM.

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Thank you for joining us for another installment in our our ongoing Journalism Tips series. We started this column as a way to help aspiring writers get their start in music, but over the couple months we have been evolving into a place writers come to have their questions about life in the business answered. Today we are running a special editorial by our very own James Shotwell about the reason behind his work in music writing. If you have any questions about developing as a writer/blogger in music, please do not hesitate email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


What makes us fall in love with a song? In all my years on this planet the closest I have ever come to answering that question is a half-assed understanding that everyone connects with music in their own way. What makes my heart soar may bore others to death. Likewise, the hits people cannot get enough of often make me feel like I’ve lost touch with what is ‘trendy’ at the moment. The best you can hope to do is find something that works for you and support that project or group or album or single in whatever way you can. As I am a writer, it’s through the written word that I profess my love and make my admiration known, which is why this post first came to life.

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Happy 4th of July, everyone! I know not every Haulix client lives in America, but it’s still Friday and that’s reason enough to celebrate. We have been working tireless this week to bring you the absolute best digital distribution platform on the planet, and as you’ll soon learn we’re taking steps THIS WEEKEND to secure that very title.


Each and every Friday we like to take a brief break from our regularly scheduled programming to update and reflect on everything happening at Haulix HQ. We are far more than a music blog, as many of you already know, and posts like this give us an opportunity to share more our efforts with all of you.

So, what happened last week?

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Hello and welcome to the final Advice column of the week. We had been planning to run an in-depth look at overcoming technical difficulties in a live setting, but after learning of a ridiculous promotional blunder taking place online yesterday afternoon we switched gears in an attempt to be ever-so-slightly topical. If you have any questions about developing as a writer/blogger in music, please do not hesitate email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


There is an old saying in the world of promotion that you have no doubt heard a hundred times or more: Sex sells. We could debate the benefits and drawbacks to leveraging sex to sell a product, as well as the rampant sexism that such efforts breed, but I don’t think anyone will argue with the idea that sex and sexually explicit imagery sells entertainment and products far better than average looking people dressed in average looking clothes. Demi Lovato may have a a better voice than Miley, but because Miley is willing to essentially bare all as long as you give her new single a few minutes of your time she is the one newspapers love.

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Hello, everyone! We are thrilled to have you join us this afternoon. If you have read this blog before you no doubt know that we love firsts, and today we are rolling out a new type of feature that has never previously appeared on this site. If you have any questions about developing as a writer/blogger in music, please do not hesitate email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t know how many people know this, but the Haulix blog is run and curated by one person. All the content you see, from advice column and interviews, to whatever guest column runs this month, has all been put together by one person hoping to bring a little free education to those hoping to one day run the music industry. As such, there are times when our efforts hit walls and we creatively feel out of gas. Today is not one of those days, but it’s easy to understand how it might look that way to some.

When our company began brainstorming content for the summer season, we realized a lot of our initial ideas had already been highlighted at some point over the previous twelve months. The only problem was, no easy reference guide to advice for summer existed….Until now. What follows is a list of links to content posted over the last year with the intention of maximizing your summer promotional efforts. Everything, from touring and social media, to merch sales and customer retention, can be found through the links below. Bookmark this page and commit each article to memory. Your career will thank you in time:

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the only extended interview we will likely run this week. We love firsts, and today we are excited to traverse new territory through our Industry Spotlight column by discussing the world of apps and how they can help artists gain exposure online with someone working every day to help bands find new fans. If you have any questions about developing as a writer/blogger in music, please do not hesitate email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


We all love to download apps, but how many apps have you downloaded in the past year that help you better understand or appreciate the vast amount of music available in the world today? There have been many innovations made as far as streaming and being able to instantly connect with your music collection on the go are concerned, but surprisingly very few technological advances in this industry have focused on new music discovery. Big names draw big crowds, of course, but as industry professionals it’s our job to curate the next generation of musical talent, and that begins with constantly being on the hunt for new music.

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